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9: Special Division Rules

9.1 T-Ball Division

9.1.1 Continuous batting order will be used. Every player bats each inning. Reverse order every inning, meaning bat 1-10 in inning #1, bat 10-1 in inning #2, etc.

9.1.2 All players take the field. Infield positions must be in correct spot. We will not use catchers, will allow 1 Pitcher who must stand even or on the rubber.

9.1.3 Game time will be one hour. A new inning will not start after 50 minutes past start time.

9.1.4 The batter will be allowed a maximum of two bases. If the throw to first beats the runner to the base, then only one base is allowed. In other words, passed balls by the first baseman do not constitute an extra base. The batter is free to go to second if the ball has not yet reached the first baseman. The manager of the team on the field will make the call.

9.1.5 The bases will be cleared once three outs are recorded but the offensive team continues to bat until all players have batted.

9.1.6 Base runners can only leave base after the ball is hit.

9.1.7 Batter is allowed 5 swings or strikes with unlimited fouls on 5th ball.

9.1.8 A batted ball must advance at least 10 feet or reach infield grass to be considered a fair ball.

9.1.9 All batters will wear batting helmets.

9.1.10 No infield fly rule.

9.1.11 No infielder will be positioned in the base path.

9.1.12 No infielder will be positioned in front of the imaginary line between first base and third base.

9.1.13 Base coaches will act as umpires. Judgment calls by umpires are final and CANNOT be protested.

9.1.14 Only players, coaches, managers, and team moms are allowed in the dugouts during game.

9.1.15 Home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout.

9.1.16 Rotate player positions after 2 innings or thirty minutes, whichever comes first. All players should play an infield position at least one full inning per game.

9.1.17 Teams will be allowed to play with a minimum of 5 players.

9.1.18 No score is kept in a game.

9.1.19 All other Little League rules apply.

9.2 Single A (A) & Double A (AA) Coach Pitch Division

9.2.1 Continuous batting order will be used.

9.2.2 There is a 30-foot safety arc from the back tip of home plate and from the first-base line to the third-base line. Fielders must stay beyond the arc until the ball is hit.

9.2.3 There is a pitching plate 42 feet from the tip of home plate from which the coach must pitch.

9.2.4 Five (5) run per inning limit applies for the 1st through 5th innings. Unlimited runs for the 6th inning.

9.2.5 If a home run is hit (over the fence only) to end the inning, all the runs count (maximum 8 runs per inning if the bases were loaded).

9.2.6 Five (5) hittable pitches per batter with unlimited fouls on the 5th ball. No walks. The batter gets 5 pitches regardless of strikes. There is no “three strikes you’re out”rule.

9.2.7 There is a circle drawn with a 10’ diameter with the pitching rubber in the middle. This is a safety area for the player in the pitching position. The defensive player listed as the pitcher cannot leave the pitching circle until the ball is hit. If the pitcher leaves the circle early, the play continues. After the play has ended, the offensive team has the option of taking the result of the play or accepting a no-pitch and ruling of the play as over. If this occurs a second time by the same pitcher, that player is removed from the pitching position for the remainder of that inning. If it occurs any time after that by the same player, then he or she is removed from the pitching mound the remainder of the game.

9.2.8 A runner may take only one base on an overthrow. An overthrow is defined as any throw that gets past a player, no matter how short the distance. Any overthrow to a base or to the pitcher will result in a maximum of one base for each runner on the offensive team. The base runners will advance at their own risk. If a runner tries to advance on an overthrow, and the defensive team makes a play on that runner and the runner is tagged out, the out will stand. If a runner tries to advance on an overthrow, and the defensive team makes another overthrow, the offensive team CANNOT advance any additional bases. Lastly, after an overthrow has occurred, if another overthrow happens on the return throw to the pitcher, the offensive team CANNOT advance any other bases.

9.2.9 A 1/2 line will be used between the bases to determine if the runner advances.

9.2.10 Ending a play: A play may end (1) when the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitcher’s circle (with at least one foot on the dirt around the pitcher’s mound) or (2) when the umpire judges that the momentum of the play has been stopped. Once “Time” is declared by the umpire, the runner’s position relative to the 1/2 line shall determine if the runner is awarded the next base or must return to the last base touched safely.

9.2.11 Bunting will not be allowed.

9.2.12 Stealing is NOT allowed. Runners CANNOT advance on a passed ball or on the throw back from the catcher to the pitcher.

9.2.13 Ten players will play defense: Four outfielders are utilized and must be positioned in LF, LC, RC and RF positions (no rover).

9.2.14 No infield fly rule in effect.

9.2.15 Each team is allowed one (1) coach in the outfield areas (behind the outfielders) to coach the defense.

9.2.16 A fair batted ball hitting a coach pitcher is declared a foul ball if the umpire rules that the coach pitcher’s contact with the ball was unintentional. If, in the umpire’s judgment, a coach pitcher intentionally makes contact with a batted ball, the batter is out, and no runner can advance.

9.2.17 Teams will be allowed to play with a minimum of 7 players. If you must start with seven (7) players, there will be an automatic out assigned to the eighth spot in the batting order. So, if you have two outs when the seventh hitter in your batting lineup has just completed their at-bat, the next batter is an automatic out and that half of the inning is over.

9.2.18 Late arriving players are inserted at the end of the batting lineup.

9.2.19 Every player must play defensively at least 1 inning per game in an infield position in the first three innings and no player can sit out in consecutive innings. A player may not sit out more than two innings in a 6-inning game.

9.2.20 Runners cannot leave their bases until the pitched ball crosses the front edge of home plate. A runner who leaves early is declared out, and the pitch is declared a no pitch.

9.2.21 A coach pitcher is prohibited from coaching while in the pitching position either physically or verbally.

9.2.22 All other Little League rules apply.

9.4 Minors Division

9.4.1 Continuous batting order will be used.

9.4.2 Five (5) run per inning limit applies for the 1st through 4th innings. Unlimited runs for the 5th and 6th inning.

9.4.3 Pitch counts are determined by age. Days’ rest requirements and games’ rest are same as dictated by Little League.

9.4.4 All players must complete a minimum of 6 outs defensively and at least one inning in the infield in the first four innings.

9.4.5 All other Little League rules apply.

9.5 Major Division

9.5.1 Continuous batting order will be used.

9.5.2 All players must complete a minimum of 6 outs defensively.

9.5.3 All other Little League rules apply.

9.6 Most Valuable Player Division

9.6.1 A game shall be considered over after two (2) complete innings have been played or after ninety (90) minutes of playing time, whichever is less.

9.6.2 No game should be ended until a complete inning is completed. No game will be complete until both teams complete at least one batting rotation.

9.6.3 Whenever possible, a game should have a minimum of two (2) full innings.

9.6.4 A game may be ended by an agreement of the team managers when it is deemed appropriate.

9.6.5 All teams should be on the field ready to play at the scheduled starting time. The managers and coaches should encourage the players to arrive early in order to have time to warm up before the schedule start time for the game.

9.6.6 No player can strike out and no walks are allowed.

9.6.7 Each batter will have the chance to hit a pitched ball and will be allowed a minimum of five (5) pitches per turn at bat. If the ball is not hit into play after 5 pitches, the player may be required to hit the ball off a batting tee. If the ball is fouled out of play on the 5th pitch, the batter will be given another pitch. The batter may choose to hit straight off the batting tee and not pitched to.

9.6.8 All batters must wear a batting helmet or some other form of head protection when batting.

9.6.9 Only the coaches may pitch to the batters. The pitchers shall only pitch to members of their team.

9.6.10 The pitcher (Coach) is not permitted to field a ball after it has been hit into play.

9.6.11 The M.V.P. League chooses to not record scores for games played.

9.6.12 An inning shall be over after each team has had a turn at bat.

9.6.13 A team’s turn at bat shall be over and the side retired after each player on the team at bat has had a chance to bat.

9.6.14 Any player that plays the position of catcher must wear catcher’s helmet with mask or some other acceptable form of protection for the head and face. NO EXCEPTIONS.

9.6.15 The position of catcher must have adequate adult supervision at all times. The position catcher of will not be manned by a player when adequate adult supervision is not available.

9.6.16 All players who play in the position of catcher will use all of the protective equipment used for the catcher position.

9.6.17 Any player that needs assistance playing the game may use a Buddy.

9.6.18 A buddy is on the field only to assist the player. Buddies are not permitted to make a play, throw the ball, or hit the ball if the player is capable of doing this themselves, but in certain instances where it is deemed appropriate, a buddy may assist a player in fielding a ball.

9.6.19 Only one (1) buddy per player is permitted on the field or in the dugout, unless circumstances exist where two (2) buddies are needed.

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