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Safety, Insurance, and Emergency Procedures

Missouri City Little League provides accident insurance for all participants in the league including players, coaches, spectators and league officials. Each parent is required to have their own insurance for their child. If a child is injured, his/her family insurance is required to pay for each injury. Missouri City Little League insurance will pay any cost (after a deductible is met) exceeding that which is not paid by the personal insurance.

Missouri City Little League is a member of the ASAP safety program of Little League baseball. A complete ASAP safety manual is available on the Missouri City Little League website at A hard copy can be obtained from the Safety Agent.

Any player, league official, or volunteer incurring a baseball related injury at the Missouri City Little League facility or at practice fields should promptly notify the Safety Agent at the time of the accident. An accident is officially reported when the Safety Agent is notified. At that point the appropriate paperwork can be initiated.

In the event that an injury might need to be evaluated by trained personnel, there are a few steps for you to follow:

STEP 1: Provide immediate emergency care. Basic knowledge of first aid and training in CPR is highly recommended for all managers and coaches.

STEP 2: Send someone to call 911 to ask for an ambulance to be dispatched. When calling for help, know the following information:

• Where the emergency situation is.

• Phone number you are calling from.

• What happened?

• How many persons need help?

• What is being done for the injured person?

STEP 3: Send a parent to alert the child’s parents, or a spouse if an adult is involved, to report the injury.

The same procedure is to be followed if an injury occurs during a practice.

Medical release forms must be available in the event of an emergency. The paramedics will not treat or transport a child without a medical release if the child’s parents are not available. Manager/coaches must have a form for each player completed and signed before any practices for the season begin. The manager/coaches must have these forms available at every game and practice. If a manager/coach is requested to produce these forms and does not have them available, the Safety Agent will promptly stop the game or practice until the forms are made available.

In addition to having the medical release forms with you at all times, please consider having a first aid kit available at all practices. A well-stocked first aid kit is available during the games. The first aid kit is located in the concession stand.

Accidents will happen, but advanced preparation can greatly increase the chances for a quick recovery. Please be prepared!

NOTE: For insurance purposes, the Safety Agent or League President must be contacted when an injury has occurred. Please have as much information about the accident as possibly available when you call.

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