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10: All Stars and Blue/Gray

10.1 The MCLL Board of Directors will determine if there will be an All-Star team and Blue/Gray team. This will be dictated by player enrollment in each of the respective age groups.

10.2 Manager Selection

10.2.1 Manager nominations are submitted to the President, Secretary and age appropriate League coordinator. Nomination should include short biography, managing experience, and philosophy to be used in managing All Star or Blue/Gray team.

10.2.2 All Star and Blue/Gray managers are selected by the Board of Directors by majority vote. If an individual does not receive the majority of the votes, then a runoff is had between the top two vote getters. All votes are counted by the President of the league.

10.2.3 All other Little League eligibility requirements apply.

10.3 Player eligibility

10.3.1 The following will be used to determine All Star and Blue/Gray eligibility:

• 8 year olds – Player must have played in the AA division (Blue/Gray Only)

• 9 year olds – Player must have played in Minors division

• 10 year olds – Player must have played in Minors or Majors division

• 11 year olds – Player must have played in Majors division

• 12 year olds – Player must have played in Majors division

• 13 year olds – Player must have played in Juniors division

• Juniors – Player must have played in Juniors or Senior division and meet league age requirements

• Seniors – Player must have played in Seniors division

10.3.2 To be eligible for All Star consideration, a child’s parent or guardian must sign the MCLL All Star contract which commits to the significant time commitment of All Stars.

10.3.3 All other Little League eligibility requirements apply.

10.4 Team Options

10.4.1 Plan A – Managers from appropriate league select 10 players and All Star manager adds two (2) additional players.

10.4.2 Plan B – Managers from appropriate league select 12 players and All Star manager has the ability to replace two (2) players on the roster, as long as they received less than 50% of the available votes. Any player removed, must be appointed to the Blue/Gray team.

10.4.3 All Star manager also has right to carry 13 players, and 13th player would be named at All Star manager’s discretion.

10.4.4 Blue/Gray team will consist of remaining 10 players and then two (2) additional Manager selections.

10.5 Player selection

10.5.1 Player selection will be voted upon by managers of the appropriate league.

10.5.2 Each manager votes on twenty-two (22) players (no more and no less) as chosen by the Division Managers. In the event there is no Blue/Gray team in that age group, then the managers will vote on only ten (10) players.

10.5.3 Votes are tabulated with by Player Agent, League coordinator, League President and All Star Manager.

10.5.4 If there is a tie for the last spot, then the managers vote again, but only for that spot among the individuals that are tied. This continues until entire roster has been selected.

10.6 Team selection

10.6.1 For Little League All Stars only, the All Star manager, does not have to select only from the Majors division for their two selections. They may select from any age division that still meets Little League guidelines.

10.6.2 In the event that individuals have been replaced on the roster, they MUST be named to the Blue/Gray team

10.7 Uniforms and other All-Star and Blue/Gray apparel

10.7.1 All Star and Blue/Gray members receive full uniforms courtesy of MCLL. All Star alternates are allowed to purchase their All Star jersey from the league at league cost.

10.7.2 MCLL will also sell t-shirts, caps, visors and other All Star and Blue/Gray apparel to help offset the cost of these expenses.

10.8 All Star and Blue/Gray communication

10.8.1 For all non-official Little League communication, i.e. (t-shirts, newspaper articles, signs, etc.), All Stars and Blue/Gray listings will be in either alphabetical or numerical order of jersey number.

10.8.2 It is the responsibility of the All Star and Blue/Gray manager, or their designate, to report scores and game recaps to the Webmaster for posting on the league website.

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